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7 Ways You Can Use Your Car To Make Money

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Count your self as being lucky if you have a car because you can now use it to ear addition stream of income ranging from $2,000 - $3000 every single month.

Here are seven great ways to make money using your car:

1. Door Dash

With DoorDash you basically get paid to deliver food ordered by customers from a restaurant. You can make up to $25 an hour with guaranteed minimum of $10. In the event that you do not earn up to $10, DoorDash will pay the difference.

2. Uber & Lyft

Both of these companies, Uber & Lyft are kings in the ride sharing industry. If you have a reliable car that is 2008 and above, you can significant income with both company. The good thing about this is that you can operate both at the same time. This increases your earning potential because you can receive a request from either app any time. When that happens, you simply switch off the other app until you drop off the passenger.

If you do this on a part time basis you can earn $300 - $500 on a weekly basis. Doing it full time can yield $700 - $1000 weekly.

3. Amaxon Flex

Amazon flex is an extension of Amazon that hires drivers to deliver packages. With this service, customers are able to place an order and receive the products within an hour. You can expect to earn anywhere from $18 - $25 per hour.

4. Hyrecar & Turo

You can rent out your car for extra cash when you are not using it. That sound crazy right? However, it is actually true. Instead of having you car parked at the lot you can have it work for you.

Hyrecar and Turo are perfect platforms that allows you to rent out your car.

You can make $500 or more on a monthly basis doing this.

5. Wrapify & Carvetise

Both Wrapify & Cavetise allows you to advertise for companies and brands by wrapping your car with an advertising campaign. This is a cool way to earn additional income because you are driving your car just like you would any other day. You can expect to earn anywhere from $300 - $1200 per advertising campaign.

6. TaskRabbit

If you are available to run errands and do minor laborious works such as moving, pick up groceries, cleaning, mounting TVs then

TaskRabbit provides the perfect outlet for you to be able to earn side gig money.

You can create your own profile which allows potential clients to use your service. You can also set your own schedule and hourly rate which could range from $18 - $25 per hour depending on the nature of the task.

7. PostMates

This is a fairly easy side gig. With PostMate App you will be delivering food and drinks to customers that place orders on the platform. You can expect to earn anywhere from $10 - $25 per hour.

While it might seem nearly impossible for you to earn money from all seven opportunities simultaneously, you can combine 2-3 of them to great multi streams of income without feeling overwhelmed.

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