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7 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book

As an aspiring or an established entrepreneur, you are an expert in something, but does the rest of the world know?

Did you know that you currently have a wealth of information, experience and knowledge right now that can easily be turned into a book to benefit others?

As an entrepreneur one of the ways to promote yourself and your brand is to establish your self as an authority in a field and one of the ways to do that is by writing a book. There are many benefits to becoming an author but I am going to share just seven with you. Hopefully, it will be enough to convince you to start writing.

1. Being An Author Gives You Instant Credibility

A book will give you unbelievable credibility which increases the respect you will receive from customers and business associates. Wouldn’t you be more likely to purchase widgets from the business person who wrote the book on widgets?

New customers are more likely to take advice from, or purchase the services/products from, an established author.

Many consultants increase the levels of their business simply by writing a book on their area of expertise.

2. Media Recognition

The typical business person might run into roadblocks when seeking media recognition and publicity for their product or service because the media tend to see this kind of exposure as advertising. However, books receive exposure in the form of reviews or features all the time. Books make great print stories and authors make great featured guests on radio and television shows. Sure beats pulling together an advertising budget.

3. Writing a book gives you instant expert status

If you wrote the book, you are now seen as the authority on that subject by others. And you are! You will have now proven that you know what you’re talking about. You will show, in writing, that you know your business area inside and out.

4. Increased Fees

Most entrepreneurs love to hear that publishing a book can easily lead to increased fees. People will pay more to work with an established expert than someone who seems less established in a business.

Your book has just given you instant added credentials. It would be nice to add “author of…” behind your name, wouldn’t it?

5. Consulting Opportunities

If you are not already a consultant, a book along with your proven expert status could bring you new consulting opportunities where you can bill for your time to educate, speak to and work with other companies and individuals helping them succeed through what you know.

6. Multiple Stream of Income

If you have a service business or you are selling products already, a book will allow you to add a product to your existing business. Expanding your line is never a bad thing and will open up all kinds of doors in your marketing plan.

7. Create Multiple Products From Your Book

If you aren’t already on the internet (and you should be, but that’s another article), you can add online marketing to your marketing plan with your book. There are loads of places to sell your book online and having an information product to offer will give you a second stream of revenue with huge potential. You can create an audio version of your book, and create courses for those who want in depth training on what you book is about. For example, if your book is about getting out of debt, you could create our course with 7 Modules on how to get out and stay out of debt. The great news is that you make more money from courses that you would from just writing a book. So now, you are making money from your book as well as the course on your book, its a win win situation.

Do not let your knowledge remain in your head. Take your knowledge, package it and sell it. People are willing to pay for what you already know.

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